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Murder in the Abbey – a Short Story

July 11, 2013

Abbey Bookshop Paris

Abbey Bookshop Paris

Continuing in my diversions from my predominant thrust on this blog of writing about my open mic and other musical adventures, today I have finally come up with the profoundly obscure and amazingly original idea of putting up a section on the blog comprising some of my fictional writing. I have decided today to start with my short story, “Murder in the Abbey,” which was published in a magazine called Murderous Intent, in 1996, and which was then nominated the following year for an Arthur Ellis Award of the Crime Writers of Canada association for the best short story of the year.

It did not win the prize, and I did not read any of the other entries, so I don’t know what it was up against. I can say that while I really like this short story, it is about as old-fashioned a mystery short story as you can get – but that makes it kind of fun. It is a real mystery puzzle, almost a locked-room style story, and could have been written at the same time as Edgar Allen Poe’s or Conan Doyle’s pieces, as it introduces nothing new to the genre. But so what? Simple good fun is fine by me. Hope you read it and like it.

So here again, is a link to my story, “Murder in the Abbey,” – oh, yes, and by the way, I DID draw on the title by the famous play by T.S. Eliot called, “Murder in the Cathedral.” But also, I should add, the story takes place in an actual bookstore in Paris called the Abbey Bookshop, which still exists today….

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