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This part of the blog is devoted to revenge! It will feature a segment of my writing career that I share in common with all writers on the planet and in history: Rejected stories. Here I will print for the first time stories that I wrote – journalism and possibly fiction – that I wrote and submitted (sometimes as commissioned work) and that were rejected and never ever published before. The key to this will be that I will NOT re-write the stories or change even a single bit of punctuation or correct a typo. I will put up the story as it was read and rejected by the editor. I am doing this because I CAN do it on the blog, and because I think that in most cases the stories should have found a home. I here admit immediately also, however, that if I was now given the chance to change things in the stories, in many cases I would change things. Often the stories will reflect my youth and inexperience, but a lot of that could have been edited at the time into adequate professional publication. The Internet and personal blog allows for this, so I’m doing it! But it is, really, also a method of getting back at all those rejection let downs. I had to write for a decade before I had any of my journalism accepted, and my fiction? 17 years between my first two acceptances…. Well, anyway, I hope it makes for enjoyable reading, even if it WILL be a bit rough and young in spots…. But, hey, a collection of juvenalia is O.K. too, right? In the end, some of the stories will act as interesting historical pieces, so not without intrinsic value.


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