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  1. hi Brad ! with the help of your site I was able to find all the cool open mic places in Paris when I was there back in 2012, so thank you very much for that! I’ll be returning to Paris – this time with my band from HK and we’ll be playing at the Pop In on 2nd September. We’re called Shumking Mansion and we play psychedelic dance rock. Check us out if you’re free ! Our facebook page is Hope to see you there!

    • Thanks very much for letting me know that! Unfortunately, I will be in Italy when you’re here, so I could not even think of gong to the concert. But good luck with it.

  2. Hi Brad, We are Workspace Atlantic: a musical collective called of three looking to perform folk-electro music with evocative and ambient elements – beautiful songs, and solid singing. We are a Danish-American collective writing and developing material in Paris from 8-10 December and are looking for places to perform in the evening, private and public to perform our set. We’ve already performed at Cafe Mandela in Copenhagen. We need a backline, mics, and a PA. If there are any ideas or places you could recommend, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the message. It all depends on how much of a backline you need. My immediate thought would be the Pop In, the Tennessee Bar, the Abracadabar, the Angora, La Féline (which has drums), or a place called L’Etage (not on my list yet), or the Cavern Club, although they may not be very open to booking you, they have the best backline. For the others, you’ve got the contact details on my open mic list.

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