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Links to useful open mic guides to Mexico City:

I have found no useful links to open mics or open jams in Mexico City.

Brad Spurgeon’s findings on Open Mics in Mexico City:

Mexico City is like around 21 million people in population, and located in Latin America. So you would expect it to be full of musical jams and open mics. After all, what a guitar-making industry! They make the famous Mexican Stratocasters, they make a lot of the Taylor guitars today as well. And when I was there, I saw all sorts of neat guitars and other instruments in several music shops. But I found only ONE open mic. Having said that, it was just my first and only visit to Mexico City, and as a first time visitor, this is NOT an easy to visit. So I’m hoping that with readers’ feedback, and further adventures of my own in Mexico City, I will eventually be able to find more open mics and jam sessions. For the moment, I found this fabulous one:

Wednesday – Black Horse, or Caballo Negro, Calle Mexicali 85, Cuauhtémoc, Hipódromo, 06100 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico Tel.: +52 55 5211 8740 It seems that the entire staff of the bar speaks only Spanish. So that fact makes this open mic in the hipster part of town a little authentic. On the other hand, it is an expat open mic run by expats, mostly expats playing in it – the night I was there – and I can only hope that if this is REALLY the only open mic in Mexico City, as they told me when I visited the Black Horse open mic, then the idea will catch on. Because Mexico is clearly full of both local and expat musicians of a fabulous level. Two or three songs per performer, unless there is more time because of a small list of performers, the stage is wonderful, the sound system is – apparently – good (it was bad the night I played, but had just broken down), and the crowd and reception by the organizers is fabulous. I had an amazing evening at this open mic.

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