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Links to useful open mic guides to Graz, Austria:

I have found no useful links to open mics or open jams in Graz, Austria.

Brad Spurgeon’s findings on Open Mics in Graz, Austria:

Graz, Austria is the second biggest city in Austria, with a population of 300,000. But it has a surprisingly small-town feel to it – at least the part of the city that I managed to visit on my first and only visit there. I took a hotel in the very center of the downtown area, since I wanted to be near the musical action as well as in the middle of what is reputed to be one of the best persevered old towns in Europe. What I found definitely pleased me, a city of pedestrian-only streets, tramways, fabulous old buildings of very, very European feel, lots of outdoor restaurants and bars. But I managed to find only ONE music joint, and it happened to be the same place that held the single open mic I could find. So here, for the moment, is all I know of for sure in open mics and open jams in Graz, Austria:

Thursday – The Spot, Trauttmansdorffgasse 3a, 8010 Graz, Austria, 0680 5559051, Leave it to an English-speaking Canadian to come up with this fabulous, intimate, low-ceiling pub of a very British feel. Add into the mix that the owner manager of The Spot in Graz also happens to be a musician and have a great eclectic taste in music, and you have a pub with an open mic of a classic kind, with a great MC, and a very open mic – all kinds of music accepted. A small amp and mic, but this also happens to be one of the bars in Graz that can stay open all night if it wants to, so when the open mic gets going, it can go on and on…. The only bad thing about this open mic is that it closes down for the month of August, with the bar closing…. Starts around 9:00 p.m. If you have no guitar, you can use the MCs.


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  2. Ciao Brad….seems we have a bit in common…WE JAM! I came across your site as I sit here in Szeged, Hungary, touring around the world in search of JAMS to document. Wish you had something on Belgrade or Bucharest…which is where I am headed next, but I did have luck in Prague and Bratislava if you are interested….you can find them under JamTrotting on my menu on my website…BTW Nice to meet you! I am one of Lee Oskar’s FEATURED ARTISTS…see below!

    • Great, very cool! Good luck! I generally only go where my job takes me, though, so there is that difference!

      • Hi Brad….did 10 months and have done an overhaul on my website now. I head out in January 2017 for another year of jams…I have added you on my JAMTROTTING PAGE on the menu under Jam sessions. If you would like to share a story, I can put it on my blog page under JamFriends contributing writers if you are interested. Or I can pull something you have already written with a copy and paste along with a photo….up to you! Thanks for sharing your info, hope to Jam someday! Ms Harmonica

        • Thanks so so much for this Ms Harmonica! I definitely want to contribute something to your very cool site! I’ll give some thought to that, and get back to you soon with an idea.

  3. One more place that brings a Jam session weekly, on fridays at 20h: GMOTA Café . I will check soon also The Spot 🙂

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