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Brad Spurgeon’s findings on Open Mics in New Delhi:

Every year I have been to New Delhi – three times now – I have played at a different location. Sometimes it has been the same open mic that has located elsewhere – as with the Rabbit Hole Sessions of the Turquoise Cottage. In fact, last year I played in the Rabbit Hole Sessions at two different Turquoise Cottage bars, and this year I again played in a Turquoise Cottage Rabbit Hole Session, but the bar had moved…and the other one where I played last year I could not confirm if it still existed, or not for the moment. Neither could I confirm if the TLR still existed and had its open mic. In any case, the point here is that New Delhi is a massive, massive city, and for a foreigner to dip in and try to find live music in open mics and open jams, well, it is possible, and there is a lot of music – both Indian and Western – rock, blues, pop, you name it. But as with everything in Indian, don’t expect to find it easily. I’ve put up on my list the only one I managed to attend this year, and as I learn of others I will expand the list. For me the important thing was to provide that first link for at musician, since it’s getting into one open mic in a city that often provides the key to finding another – via the musicians, etc. The wonderful thing about playing in New Delhi is when you realise that you really are speaking a universal language, as the Indian musicians are talking the same language, and the open mic has the same vibe, as what you’re used to finding elsewhere.

Like most places on my worldwide tour, in New Delhi I have played at some places that are not on this list, but I cannot confirm still exist, or that I know have ceased to exist – such as the one at “Bennigan’s.” I also played at TLR Café, which is or was one of the coolest new music joints in Delhi, but I had conflicting information on my last visit as to whether it still exists. Here in any case are the ones I have attended and that are still in existence as of writing this, and I will soon add a list of ones that I have heard of or had recommended, under a different category from those I have attended myself:

Wednesday – Turquoise Cottage “Rabbit Hole Sessions,” open mic and jam, at: MA 03, Restaurant Block, District Centre, DLF Place, Saket, New Delhi Tel. 011 30146033 ext:290 – a warm, hip open mic with a great stage, fabulous sound system, nice, open people, in a large bar with excellent food. The bar is called Turquoise Cottage, part of a chain, but the open mic is called the “Rabbit Hole Sessions.” It starts at 9 PM and goes on until after midnight. When you go for the first time, it’s best to arrive early, though, to ensure a spot. That’s what I did, but be warned, I find this information put out by Turquoise Cottage, so it might be best to follow it: – The sessions for amateurs will be on from 7 till 9pm need to send in demo links so can be short listed & given a slot : for time slot pls call Sarthak 09953880130 Post 9 pm sessions will only be with invitation….

turquoise cottage sign

turquoise cottage sign


  1. Hello Brad, thanks for doing your blog. I’m a bluegrass mandolin player from Denver and I’ve recruited a band to take over to New Delhi in about a month. My best friend from college is Indian and he is giving us a few gigs but I’m looking for anything we can find. I was going to call and inquire about the rabbit hole but I was wondering if you had any contact info for people to e-mail with links to our YouTube videos etc. Thanks for your help!

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