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No Mic Today, My Love Has Gone Away

March 26, 2010

Remember that song from Herman’s Hermits?  Well, all right, I changed a word in my headline for this post, of course.  Same difference.

I could not find an open mic in Melbourne tonight, so I just took the opportunity to restring my guitar.  I’d been wanting to do that for weeks, but never had the time.  Then I decided also to play a song in my room, as I did in Bahrain.  But this time, used my handy Zoom Q3 recorder to record it, and not my interview recorder as I did in  Bahrain.

I went ALL over the hotel room tonight trying to find the right angle to get enough light and some kind of backdrop but all I could come up with was the washroom, and I figured that was tasteless.  So I decided to record the song in the nearly complete darkness of the bad light available, because, after all, that suits mood of the song, which is Mad World.  I’ll put the video up tomorrow after it finishes processing in about an hour….  when I’ll be long since asleep.

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  1. Karalho!! que mérda, hein!! GOOOOD!!

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