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Jamming At Home With Myself

June 14, 2010

SE Electronics Z5600a mic

My SE Electronics Z5600a mic

Just continuing on, decided to do a fresh series of recordings in my living room of a bunch of songs – five of my own and two cover songs – that I might record in July. I used my fancy wonderful SE Electronics Z5600a II microphone but I think I made a mess of the levels and that I was too close to the mic so when my voice is loud it’s a bit distorted. The thing I tried to do was to record the voice and the guitar at the same time, and that’s difficult with one mic. But mostly I just wanted to do these tracks to stamp down where the songs stand today – with just voice and guitar. They were all done in a single take – except Memories, since I left out a verse the first time I sang it – and all done this morning and this afternoon.

Theys all down here:

Brad singing Van Morrison’s Crazy Love

Brad singing his song Since You Left Me

Brad singing his song Except Her Heart

Brad singing his song Memories

Brad singing Al Stewart’s song Year of the Cat

Brad singing his song Let Me Know

Brad singing his song Lara, Lara

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