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Last Night in Oxford, Looking Forward to Paris

July 11, 2010

The Formula One race has ended, I’ve filed my race report and I’m about to pack my bags and leave the Silverstone track to return to Oxford for my final open mic of the trip. I’m looking forward to playing at the Old Bookbinder Pub’s open mic and if possible, heading over to the Half Moon Pub’s open mic afterward. And what I’m really looking forward is returning to Paris tomorrow for a very full week of music.

The two biggest events for me will be Tuesday night at the Panic Room where there is a huge open mic to mark the end of the Earle Holmes open mics a few months ago. The evening already has 160 guests confirmed on Facebook, with most of the old gang of musicians from the Paris music scene who attended Earle’s evenings in the past five years. As part of the evening there is also a photo exhibition of photos by Celine Lili Faye and Olivier Rodriguez. I’ve heard there is a photo of me, and one of my son, Paul, as well.

On Wednesday and Thursday I will be recording four of my songs in a studio in Paris, and that is obviously the other huge musical event of the week for me. I’ll talk more about that later, perhaps, (if I have the time!), but for the moment, I’m getting packing to leave the track and go sit in the traffic and warm up my voice in the car while listening to British radio….

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