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A Small Taste of the Papaya

July 24, 2010

Just a very quick note to say only that I returned to play again at the Papaya bar mentioned in my previous post. It was a challenge this time, however, as there was a very lively Brazilian band with several drums, a ukelele and a good singer all providing the entertainment. It’s a classic situation: When you’re only doing guitar and vocals, it’s difficult to come in after a full band. So I only played three songs – the amp was not well adjusted for my guitar, nothing but feedback, and the vocal mic did not sound as good as on the previous night. But it just proves the truth of any live performance, sometimes it goes really well, others it does not.

I want to put in video here though to give an idea of the atmosphere of the Papaya. Sorry it is so dark, but you get a bit of the image when I move the camera around. You’d think you were in Brazil. Tonight I’ll check out an Irish pub in Mannheim….

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