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Mini Post: Playing Music on the Canal in Strasbourg

July 27, 2010

Made a stopover in Strasbourg on my return to Paris – actually, I’m still in Strasbourg as I write these words – and I had a wonderful meal with a beautiful Strasbourgeoise who suggested we eat a fish-based choucroute (normally it is with meat) and then we went and watched the light show on the cathedral next to the restaurant.

Cathédrale Strasbourg

Cathédrale Strasbourg

And then we went and walked along the canal and I played several songs on a bench overlooking the canal, across from the international school. It was very charming and wonderful with families of ducks coming up to the shore to listen and join the few people still out in the streets at that time who gathered on the bridge above to listen as well, or on the opposite side of the canal or down the cobblestone walkway a little farther. Very idyllic – it is a fabulous city (that Disney could have used as a model for the horrors they made in imitation). And it was a great way to end a day that had begun by me having been shit upon by a pigeon sitting in a tree in the parking lot where I had bent down to make a phone call – and I received the offering on my bald spot.

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