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Mini Post: Special Elektra and Holzman Issue of Mojo

October 28, 2010

Did the Highlander again last night, but I really wanted to mention today that I’m devouring the November issue of MOJO magazine that I picked up in the airport in France on my way to Korea last week. I grabbed it without noticing that the issue is dedicated to Jac Holzman and the Elektra Records label he founded in 1950.

mojo Elektra issue

mojo Elektra issue

I wrote a story about Holzman a few years ago that I have put up in the articles section of this blog. In October, Elektra celebrated its 60th anniversary, and so is Mojo. There is a story about the top albums, there is an interview with Holzman, and a few other things. Great issue, and that, of course, is a great story. Elektra, of course, recorded The Doors, Judy Collins, Phil Ochs, Tim Buckley, Love, Harry Chapin, Iggy and the Stooges, and many more. The MOJO issue also comes with a CD compilation of songs put together by Holzman.

Elektra, by the way, also put up a special web site to celebrate the anniversary – which is well done and with plenty of recordings and videos.

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