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Paris Wrap Up, Brazil On the Horizon

November 2, 2010

Just have to do a really quick wrap up of the last couple of days before I fly off to Sao Paulo tomorrow. I did not want to forget to note that the No. 4 Brad’s Brunch at the Mecano Bar in Paris was another success, despite a little bit of a slow start, and I wanted to mention the open mic night at the Tennessee Bar last night.

The Sunday brunch at the Mecano was not really a Sunday brunch since France was in the middle of a holiday weekend, as November 1 is the day to think of the dead…. Weird, of course, that Halloween precedes this day…and that was another reason I think things began quietly at the Mecano, as the country was preparing Halloween festivities for the evening. Yes, it is becoming a big celebration here, that one too.

But slowly business picked up, and thanks to wonderful performances by Les DeShane (including a great duet with his partner, Peggy) and with my friend Rym playing her ukelele and doing a full set of probably nearly 45 minutes, the brunch turned into a lot of fun and excitement. Thanks to the people who showed up, mostly, of course.

Last night at the Tennessee bar turned into another Les DeShane experience. Not only did he play a nice one of his own compositions and a Bob Marley song I had never heard him do, but he also took advantage of the piano to go and play and sing an Elton John song. He had us all spellbound, and you will hear why in the video below (although the image is bad).

I sang a song I wrote when I was 16, which I have recently revived. I also just recently transposed the chords since my voice has dropped an octave or two since I wrote the song and I found I had to strain to sing it today with the same chords. I just realized that the song has no title! But, as usual, it’s about love and a woman….

Now I have to iron and pack for Sao Paulo, and what I hope will be as fruitful and interesting a musical adventure there this year as last year….

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