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Third Night in Sao Paulo, a Possible Sighting of Lua Nova

November 6, 2010

I did not find a place to play last night. But I believe that, with the help of a re-reading of my manuscript of my musical adventure from last year – tentatively titled, OPEN MIC: A MUSICAL JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD – I have found the closed-down facade of the bar that last year called itself Lua Nova, and where I played in the all-night jam session on the Sunday night.

the suspected facade of what was once called the lua nova bar in Pinheiros, Sao Paulo

the suspected facade of what was once called the lua nova bar in Pinheiros, Sao Paulo

I took a photo of this facade last night, to show you on this page. And I have furthermore decided to place in my book excerpts section of this blog the (not completely edited) paragraphs of the relevant passage in the OPEN MIC manuscript where I found the keys to the rediscovery of this Lua Nova venue yesterday. Having said that, I still have grave fears that this most excellent of jam session venues is no longer open for business.

The passage describes my walk through the streets immediately before I discover the venue, and then the opening minutes of my time in the bar when I slowly come to the realization that I have hit the jam session jackpot, after three largely frustrating days. (Although I had managed to finagle my way into the act at Finnegan’s Pub on the Friday.)

Tonight I will continue my search, and pass by the closed down facade again … perhaps Lua Nova opens for business only on the weekend…. However… just a few minutes after posting this I inquired of my Portuguese-speaking friend Vanessa as to the meaning of the words above the facade in the photo above, and unfortunately, it refers to “yet another boutique, a paper store” as best as my translation from the French goes; and so I now fear that it must certainly mean that Lua Nova has closed down and in its place will be a boutique selling paper…. Wow, what an assault on jam session music in Sao Paulo if that is the case….

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