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Life Goes on Bro

November 12, 2010

Back from Brazil to Paris, I played in the Highlander and the monthly open mic at the Copains bar. I felt a sudden warmth at living in a city where there is an open mic just about every day of the week, not to mention music of all other kinds everywhere.

On the other hand, there’s little new to add to this blog, since I’ve gone over that ground so often. The only new thing, I would say, is that the song I wrote when I was 16 about losing a lover has become part of my regular repertoire now that I figured out how to transpose the chords down lower so that my voice – now deeper than when I was 16 – can sing it without being burned out. And the song is still, as the French say, “d’actualité.”

So rather than blah blah blahing, for once I will keep it short and just put up a few videos of the two nights. All are from the Highlander except the guy who has a guitar that he converted into a sitar….

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