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Mini Post: Au P’tit Bonheur la Chance and Bus Palladium

December 1, 2010

I have to run out within the next five minutes to visit three or four venues tonight, Wednesday being a big night for open mics and other musical adventures. So just a quick word and two lousy videos about last night.

Lousy videos, but great nights in two venues. I first went to Au P’tit Bonheur la Chance for Ollie’s open mic, then I went to the Bus Palladium to sing a few songs as a guest during Yann Destal’s set. I’ve written about both of these places here more than once, and so I’m keeping this wordage down! I regretted deeply having to leave Ollie’s open mic, since it was shaping up to be really cool, and had several of my favorite performers and friends: David Broad, Ollie, Texas in Paris, and more. But I managed to play three songs and take a cab to the great Bus Palladium and to play three more songs in the restaurant on the first floor, at the After Work evening that happens every Tuesday. Yann Destal, who headlines the show most Tuesdays, played piano along with me when I did my songs, “Father and Son,” “I Won’t Back Down,” and “Borderline.” It felt good. I enjoyed it, and there was an excellent crowd. So I could not ask for more – except to ask for more another time….

Sorry no links, gotta run… may link later…. By the way, what I meant about bad videos was the bad lighting, and not great sound recording on one. But I did my best, and the musicians were great….

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