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And now, a Tenor Sax at Culture Rapide

December 17, 2010

Following on my last blog post about a great sound of soprano sax at the Cavern vocal jam in Paris on Wednesday, last night I visited the blues jam at the Cabaret Culture Rapide and there was an Italian there named Danilo (I think, unless it was Danieli) playing a tenor sax. Anyone want to predict that I will hear someone on an alto sax tonight at the Hideout? (Or wherever I end up….)

In any case, it was quite fun to hear this sax player amongst the guitarists. Even more fun, however, was that I only left home around 22:20 and I had to force myself out the door as it was raining, cold, and I felt as if going to the jam all the way across town was a futile idea. I really enjoyed it in the last two weeks, but it was so much simpler to think about folding up in the couch and reading the Douglas Kennedy novel, “Leaving the World,” that I am now reading.

I forced myself to go, and I did not regret it. Not only did I play several songs and get really nice reactions from people – one person wanted to know when I next returned to play there, another wanted to know the history of the last song I sang, “Unchained Melody” – and I met three or four very interesting and nice people. I also learned that on the previous week someone had made a video of me playing “I Shall Be Released,” with the Belleville Blues Band and he put it on his blog.

This is what forcing oneself out is all about….

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