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Highlander Comes Alive Again

January 20, 2011

I won’t blame it on Thomas Brun’s replacement at the Highlander open mic over the last three weeks, but it just happened that Thomas returned from his vacation and suddenly it was the best open mic since he left. It had to do with the organization, yes, but mostly obviously, with the acts that showed up.

Among my favorites were Flavie Fontaine (who had some very original lyrics and great presentation – she’s also an actress of some repute), Luke from England who sang this song I had been listening to a lot lately and thinking of learning (“fuck you babe” or however it goes – see video), a very slick trio called WOTS (Walking on the Spoon), a guy who did some great blues guitar picking, a guitar tapping singer who I am sure I saw at the Tennessee Bar a while back and put up a video of him on this site. Finally, two members of Black Butterfly showed up to play later on in the evening, and Vincent did a great cover song as you will see in the video on this page.

Not much to say except fun it was. Just check out the videos to get a sense of it. [Oh, yes, and I did “Andalucia” without forgetting the words, and “Father and Son” and my song “Borderline.” And I was hugely pleased to have someone tell me that they liked “Borderline” the most of the three…. And that was not the first time I’ve heard that. Just shows how the personal voice is so often the best one.]

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