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Au Ptit Bonheur, the Original Stuff at Ollie’s Minus Ollie

March 2, 2011

It was not quite the same over-crowded situation at Ollie’s open mic at the Ptit Bonheur la Chance last night. And, as it turned out, not even Ollie was there – he was replaced by Yaco, also known as Ollie Joe…. But there was a lot of very good and interesting music.

The bits that stood out for me were especially Nicole, from Los Angeles, who was the first woman I have seen playing slide guitar. That sounds mad, but I cannot think of any women I have ever seen playing slide. Why not? Nicole showed how cool this can be for a woman as with a man.

Tory did an Irish song, Black is the Color, and as with that moment at the Cavern a few weeks ago, I found her interpretation abilities to be fabulous. What a voice! Here she sang the song because there were a couple of other Irish people in the audience – one of whom did a very cool Irish song as well, but that I did not catch on video.

Aimad, pronounced, Reeemed, did his brilliant tapping again, with his cool voice, while Natas Loves You showed up again to do three fabulous songs, including the first one, of the Beatles, that they do so fabulously well. By the way, Natas Loves You will play at the Marquinerie in Paris on 18 March….

That is a lot of superlatives, right? Well, my own efforts were less than brilliant – I tried doing “Only Our Rivers Run Free” for Tory and the Irish guys – who were up drinking at the bar and not in the room – and I forgot part of the second verse and most of the last verse….

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