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Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Party, Chess Bar, Brunch

March 7, 2011

I may have fallen behind by two days on this blog, but that does not, as usual, mean the music has stopped. Friday night was a party at Tory’s place and it was attended by several people from the Paris open mics, so there was music. I was too absent-minded to think of recording it.

Saturday I learned there was another of the at-least-monthly open jam sessions at the Echiquier bar (that means chessboard in French). So I went with my guitar and had an amazing evening not only watching the other musicians, but also playing my songs and cover songs with a band that turned into at one point me singing and playing acoustic and backed by a drummer, two electric guitar players, a drummer, a bass player, a trumpet player and a saxophone player! That was cool.

Thanks to the brass, the evening was a little more jazz than rock – with the exception of the accordian player and singer.

Yesterday, it was back to my weekly brunch at the Mecano bar, after a week off for my concert at the Disquaires last Sunday. The brunch had a few new guest singers, and ended up picking up almost where it left off. A little glitch with a disappearing mic stand, but my friend Romain from The Bellers provided one at the last minute, and Calvin McEnron and Rym when off to collect it before playing.

I enjoyed the visit of a young Corsican named Victor, who showed up without knowing there was a musical brunch, and he treated us with a Corsican song before accompanying my friend Béatrice Di Carlo on a few songs, including Autumn Leaves in French. Béatrice is a jazz and pop singer who also had a career in opera singing. A real talent.


  1. Cool la vidéo ! Je ne l’avais pas vue ! comment la partager sur ma page ? Sinon ! j’espère que tu vas bien ! ça a l’air plutôt pas mal tes voyages ! A bientôt sur Paname un de ces jours Bisous Bea

    • Ah, je ne savais pas que tu ne l’avait pas vu! Oui, c’était un moment très chouette…. Je pense que tu peux la downloader ou faire un lien si tu click sur “videopress” et puis tu as des options en haut a gauche de la video pour downloader ou mettre un lien. Si ça ne marche pas, j’ai toujours tous les videos sur un disque et je peux l’envoyé par yousendit comme c’est peut etre 600 megabytes. Paname? tu parles de quoi? Tu es ou en ce moment?

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