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From Tory’s Gig to the Machine du Moulin Rouge and BSMS

March 19, 2011

I managed to get through my two Irish songs without a single error on Thursday night at the Mecano. I was greatly helped by the fact that it was a drinking crowd, there was lots of talk and noise and so I said, “Hey, this is like singing all alone in my living room!” So I proceeded to do “Only Our Rivers” and “Peter’s Song,” of the Sands Family, without mistakes. I even heard afterwards that one or two people actually liked them….

But it was Tory Roucaud’s night of music to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and she did a great job and got the crowd really excited – those that were not talking. She showed what a great host she is with her open personality and fabulous singing voice and songs. But I’m not sure this Irishwoman even sang as many Irish songs as I did… unless you consider that her own songs are by definition and parentage, Irish.

She also invited Adrien Zerbib, also known as Zucco San, and he played a few of his own and sang with her on her Alice in Wonderland song. Sven Cosnuau also played a set. All in all, a very fine evening, one to remember, and a fabulous and full crowd – you WANT them to carouse….

Last night, as a form of recovery from Thursday, I went to the BSMS concert at the Machine du Moulin Rouge. I have mentioned this band at least twice before on the blog, and last night did not disappoint. The sound at the Machine was just fabulous, and the band got warmed up quickly and did a monumental set. My apologies for the crappy video image point of view from the back wall of the room. I was talking a little time to chill out sitting on the bench with a friend, and feeling like I was… in my living room….

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