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Rafa’s Dylan and a Tango after Brunch

March 21, 2011

After my HUGE post of yesterday, I’m going to keep this short. I am preparing to leave for Melbourne – a race and some open mics awaiting me there – and so I must keep it short. Suffice it to say that after the crap on Saturday night – and the great Natas Loves You concert – it was time for a quiet Sunday brunch, and a little bit of tango music afterwards.

So at my weekly brunch this time I played some new songs, and I had Rym playing hers with her ukelele, and I had Rafa Ellan back doing his uncanny Dylan stuff. He looks and sounds like the young Dylan – naturally. It’s not a put-on….

Then it was off to a theater in the 20th Arrondissement to hear so real live tango music – the depth of which went way beyond what I had thought….

Next stop, Melbourne. (With maybe, maybe, maybe a bit of the Galway tonight.)

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  1. Hey man! thanks for the event. And for the post.
    See ya ’round. Looks like i’m a prelude to tango. Fine by me.

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