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Slight Mental Chaos and Delight – and a Couple of Paris Open Mics

March 31, 2011

I failed to get a post up yesterday not because I didn’t have any material, but because I ended up running out of time as I prepared my first read-in of my filmed interview with Emily Brown in Australia into my Premiere Pro software. I have been doing metaphorical cartwheels of joy since yesterday as I realize how much material I have accumulated for my open mic documentary. But I will have to be very organized to do that, this blog and the book AND my job!

And…open mics. Despite arriving Tuesday morning in Paris half dead from the flights back from Melbourne, I decided to attend Ollie’s open mic anyway. I am glad I did. There were a few noteworthy musicians, and I had an interesting time doing my three songs at the lowest level of energy of the day. As I felt I was dropping off, I asked Ollie if I could go up and do my songs, and he agreed.

I somehow managed to find the energy to inject it into the music, and I did “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go,” from Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks album; I did my song Lara, Lara; and I did Mad World. Most of the compliments seemed to go to Mad World, and the audience made me feel really great as they sang and clapped along to that song. But they also listened closely to Lara, Lara, and I received compliments on that one too.

Yesterday at the Highlander there were also a few interesting new sounds. But staying at home late trying to capture my videos meant that I was also not able to put up a blog item, I arrived too late at the Highlander and had to be put on the waiting list. This time my fatigue got the better of me and I decided not to wait until 1 AM to see if I would go up or not. And I left…and returned to my videos and Premiere Pro….

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