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Tar0&Jir0 Revisited and other Highlander Tales

April 21, 2011

Went to the Highlander last night and met up again with the wonderful brother duo from Japan, the crazy Tar0&Jir0 band. They whipped the Highlander open mic audience into a frenzy. And that is no easy thing to do. Well, all right, drinking songs will often do it. But Tar0&Jir0, who are off to Switzerland at the end of the week, and then soon going back to Japan, got the crowd going crazy on their rhythmic and lively – to say the least – presentation. And their knowledge and talent at drawing the audience into the show.

There were others of interest, too, last night, especially Brice, a Frenchman who sang a traditional French song a cappella, and who also did Jacques Brel’s “Amsterdam” a cappella. But the boys from Japan were again the stand-out moment of the evening.

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