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Down Night at the Highlander – for Me, at Least

April 28, 2011

Not sure why, but I did not feel myself at the Highlander last night. Was it because the Ptit Bonheur la Chance open mic the night before was so good? Was it because I am entering into a phase of intensive preparation for my trip to Istanbul next week? Was it because there were not really any friends there? Was it because my guitar kept on cutting out electronically during my three-song set? Something to do with it hitting the pavement in Malaysia…. Don’t know.

In any case, I did see a few noteworthy acts, and I will just put them up here. There was Haylen and her group who got everyone rocking. There was an amaaaaaazing a cappella singer from Sweden who sang just before me – THAT was difficult – and there was a cool guy named Abdou who could really sing and got the audience going too.

Anyway. A short post, a down post – but that’s life. Here are the videos.

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