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Business Picks up as Summer Fades at The Highlander Open Mic in Paris

September 1, 2011

Something in the air last night told me that the traditional month of August in Paris was finished. The Highlander open mic was as big as ever, but this time there was a very high level of musician from beginning to end. (Well, until I left around midnight, in any case.) Thomas Brun, the MC, did some cool songs as usual, and I particularly enjoyed his duelling harmonica thing with one of the performers who would perform later.

Thomas Arlo did his Elvis song and then a Dylan and then a Beirut, and there were some other great voices of people I had not seen before. I did my “Borderline,” “Mad World,” and for the first time my memorized “Runaway Train.” It did not run away from me. So I was happy.

No much more to say, unfortunately. I am perhaps a little spoiled by the travel and tasting so many new – for me – open mics around the world all the time that I have less to say about this Paris one? No, just something else in the air.

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