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And Now, the Madhouse Moves to the Tennessee Bar in Paris

September 20, 2011

A few days ago I wrote about the absolutely mad time at the Highlander Pub open mic, with a massive crowd like I have never seen before, loudness, etc. Last night, it was the turn of the Tennessee Bar to have its open mic soooooooooo full of people there to listen and play that it was impossible for many to do both or either of those things. Once you were in you could not get out, and if you came a slight bit late, you could not get in. It was actually extraordinary; I loved it. But not for all the time.

I managed to play last of the night, and I also managed to slip in a Galway Pub open mic before that. The best news, though, was having Greta accompany me on my song Memories, on her cello. I had been wanting to do that for more than two years, after someone I respect had suggested cello on the song.

I now have no time to write any more just as I had no time to make many videos last night as I could not see the performers much, locked out by the crowd as I was.

Sorry for the horibble prose, but I have to run to catch an airplane to Singapore, and I wanted to get a few words and videos up anyway before I left….

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