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My Gig at the Fabulous TLR Cafe in New Delhi, and the Internet Glitch

October 28, 2011

Last night in New Delhi, I did two sets of one hour each in my concert at the TLR Cafe, which is short for The Living Room. It was an enormous evening of fun and music, with Indian friends new and old sharing the atmosphere and my music. I could not have asked for a greater evening.

I had come to India hoping to do at least one open mic or jam session, and I had found TLR through a recommendation from both a musician friend in Singapore and the Indian Formula One driver, Karun Chandhok. TLR is one of the only spots in New Delhi that has a weekly open mic, but unfortunately for me, it falls on a Wednesday, and this week Wednesday was a public holiday so the bar was closed.

No problem, they booked me in for a gig even though the bar was all booked up with entertainment until the end of December. They did this on the basis, if I understand correctly, of my myspace music examples and this blog.

It turned out to work perfectly, my music and their crowd and atmosphere. This is a laid-back, fundamentally music-loving, art-loving, talent-promoting cafe and bar, cum club.

Unfortunately, due to a sudden outage of the Internet at my hotel, I have no good internet connection and I must cut this post off here. The internet connection worked great for two days, but now it has taken a short vacation during this time of national holiday.

I will return to this post and also do another tomorrow, when I have a better connection. My apologies. I have so much more to say!!!

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