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Post-India Tourista and a Bit of Fun at the Galway

November 2, 2011

I did all I could to avoid eating things that would give me the famous upset stomach, tortured intestines and things I do not even wish to mention or hint at on this blog. But I failed. Was it the strange burger I ate the last night in India, or was it the crappy tomato and salad sandwich I ate on the Air India flight back to Paris? Whatever it was, it struck me down all day yesterday. Thus this blog a day late.

I returned, even so, to Charles de Gaulle airport on Monday night and went straight from there on the RER train to the Galway pub to have a fat, juicy, Imperial burger and play the open mic. There I met friends old and new, and managed to do quite a long set, with all the encouragement from Stephen Prescott and the audience and fellow musicians. So it was quite a celebration and quite enough to take a slight edge off the “tourista” the next day….

That’s all I will write about that tonight, so I can get off and play at the Highlander tonight, having by now made at least half a recovery from whatever it was I caught. They told me it was almost inevitable that one’s first trip to India would be blessed with an upset stomach – I guess I was just lucky it happened in Paris and not there….


  1. Sorry to hear about the Delhi belly, mate! But very glad to see it didn’t affect your enthusiasm for open mic night at Le Galway. I love the third video, especially: Stephen stuffing his face, the regulars at the bar, the regulars *behind* the bar … another great night at the pub. Welcome home!

  2. Correction: I meant the fourth video. Sorry.

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