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15 Minutes at the Airport

November 23, 2011

I’m sitting at Charles de Gaulle airport outside Paris and I board my flight for Sao Paulo in 15 minutes. I noticed that clients can now have 15 minutes of free Wi-Fi access through the Paris airport, so I thought that would be just enough time to put up the blog item I could not get up last night. It also reminded me of Andy Warhol’s statement about 15 minutes of fame, and I realized that with the Internet today EVERYBODY is famous – you just have to search a little harder for them. This means, of course, that the airport is offering me 15 minutes of fame before my flight.

Rather than waste that time mouthing off about all the details of my open mic visits on Monday night, I will just mention that I went to the Tennessee Bar and the Galway, and I got to play at each place. I was delighted at the Tennessee when James Iansiti asked if I would mind being joined by a flute player. Of course not, I would love it!

So I played two of my songs and two others, and it was very interesting, although I think my favorites were my own “Memories” and “Mad World.” “Jealous Guy” did not work at all.

There were other interesting bands and singers too, and at the Galway I played twice, so that was nice.

Now, my plane boards soon and I want to get on quickly to put the guitar in the overhead luggage with no fuss.

Next stop, Brazil.

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