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An Open Mic and a Gig

December 8, 2011

I cannot believe how snowed under I have become on a vacation!!! I am behind on the blog and I have so much to say and recount over the last couple of nights. But I will not have the time to do it. So I will keep it to a minimal report, just saying that I attended the Ptit Bonheur la Chance open mic on Tuesday and heard some very interesting musicians as usual, and this time the show was MCd by Rachel, who did one of her nifty ukelele songs at the end. She then handed her uke to Luca who did a very cool number on it too…. And then last night I did my gig at the new and interesting 9b bar on Boulevard de la Villette….

I am very behind, in fact, because I also did my last of all interviews for my open mic film. Because I had travelled all around the world since March I had put off my interviews with organizers and MCs of the Paris open mics. So yesterday I did an interview with Thomas Brun of the Highlander open mic. We did a very cool and complete interview in a neat bar restaurant beside the Cafe de la Gare.

I have been capturing all the video footage into Premiere Pro in the last few days also, and then last night I ran off to the 9b to do the concert. I was the third act, following the delightful Paloma Gil, whose great voice you can hear in the videos on this page. I missed the first act, though, because of all the stuff that had snowed me under. That was the personally genial Raphael Kidd. My own set was a true regale as the French say, meaning a great deal of fun. This was primarily due to a wonderful matchup with Joe Cady of the band the Romantic Black Shirts, whom I had invited to play violin with me, and who decided he also wanted to do lead guitar. And that was inspirational. I want to do it again with Joe!!! We ran through some of my songs, and some of the covers I do a lot, finishing off with an audience request for “I Shall be Released,” which two members of the audience joined me in singing. Wonderful evening!

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