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Another Cool Mazet Time

December 16, 2011

The Mazet really is becoming a cool open mic. Last week I did a post talking about how festive it became, and yesterday it began slow, it was raining outside, and I thought it would end up being a right-off, as the crowd that comes to drink at the Mazet comes very much for that. But something about the open mic – no doubt it has to do with David OxxO’s laid-back and easy MCing – meant that little by little the crowd got into the music and the evening. So by the time I left at around 1 AM, it was still kicking, bubbling, jumping, and once again had turned into a free jam. And again, the crowd began singing along, clapping along and being generally nicely responsive – while not ceasing their carrousing either.

I just managed to do a few videos, though. So I’m putting up just a couple….

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