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Playing Mr. Tambourine Man for 12-Hours Non-Stop

January 2, 2012

Brad Spurgeon with Guitar at 18 in New York City

Brad Spurgeon with Guitar at 18 in New York City

Spent the evening at home again last night for around the fourth night in a row, again working on the new song and memorizing a cover. The cover, as it turns out, is by Bob Dylan – of all people! But that brought to mind another rejected piece of my juvenalia, a segment of a memoir I wrote about my early life in show business when as a teenager I decided I was going to be a star…and ended up starving and busking in the streets of London to pay the hotel and food.

One particular day I had to employ strong-arm tactics and sing my most profitable song for 12 hours non-stop. That was Mr. Tambourine Man, by Bob Dylan. So here is the abridged busking chapter of a memoir, written at age 25, that I had never intended to publish, but just to write as a photograph of the period while it was fresh in my mind. A few years later I did try to sell this abridged chapter – a kind of modern Orwellian down-and-out in London – to literary magazines, but it was rejected – and so now joins my series of Brad’s rejected writings…. Like all the other rejected pieces, I have not edited the writing, but publish it here as I found it on my computer. (Even with a typo or three.)

Tonight I plan to finally return to play music at the open mic(s).

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