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Good Night at the Bonheur; Though Not for Me

February 1, 2012

After the amazing Monday evening at three open mics in Paris, I figured there was no way Tuesday could stand up to that. Well, I was sort of right. Personally speaking, that is. I went to the Ptit Bonheur la Chance open mic and found it just jammed with people, I found some new music, new spectators, and I even managed to get there late but be the last one to play for the evening. So what was not quite right about it?

Well, due to all the excitement of the night before, a) I had developed my second cold in three weeks, b) I pulled out my Zoom Q3HD sound and image recorder only to find that I had only enough battery power for about two minutes of recording and no spares, c) it was so full I could only get a seat at the back and so got even worse quality video. But I was lucky to get a seat, and lucky to be able to play. Oh, forgot this one: d), partly because of the cold, partly because of the heights I had felt I had reached playing on Monday night, and partly because I was still “coming down” my singing felt absolutely crappy to me. I did “Runaway Train,” and it felt dreary; and I did this new song I have just started singing – actually, it is not entirely new, but I had dumped it a while back and then revived and changed it. But I’m still not sure what I have, and it did not feel sensational last night.

The good in all this? The wonderful, huge crowd at the Ptit Bonheur la Chance, and some of the really interesting musicians, especially that flute player.

So on the blog today, I have managed to put only the four videos I managed to get, two short ones on my Q3 and another two captured on my iPhone 4, with both its crappy image – due to the dark – and crappy sound, due to the mic. But anyway…. as someone said last night after I expressed my disappointment, things can’t be great ALL the time!

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