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Spaced Out at Mazet

February 10, 2012

I felt a little on another planet at the Mazet last night, my head elsewhere. The only time I felt grounded was while singing, but even then my attention wandered until a number of the clients began to sing along and dance along to one or two or three of my songs. And that really serves to focus and bring the music back out of you.

It was sooooo cold still, that it was certainly that – in part – that led to what ended up being for me a very short and truncated evening at the Mazet. And one in which I managed to get only one useable fragment of video. Thinking that I had better sound by positioning myself elsewhere, I did not realize that I had ended up in the direct line of fire of a group of Irishmen – the same who sang along to my “Crazy Love” and “Wicked Game” – and that the video picked up their voice more than those of the singers.

So this will be nothing more than a short, truncated post with little content – kind of like my head last night….

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