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Cool! Coolin Open Mic Even Better….

February 14, 2012

With about 80,561 things happening simultaneously in my life in the last few days, I was unable to go to all three open miss that I wanted to attend last night in Paris. So I only made it to the smart one that lasts the longest into the night. That is the new Coolin open mic and jam near the Metro Mabillon. I feel as if part of me – most of me – is still there!

Oh yes, Coolin did it again. From the slowish start with performers going up behind the mic in the traditional way – although nothing is that traditional about this one, even Henry the MC does not play first, but later on – to the huge and crazy jam at the end until 2 AM, this was another superb evening at this cool Irish pub in Paris.

Word is getting out on Coolin and it is growing in length, excitement and style of music and musicians. Last night the flute and guitar duo that played the last few times at the Ptit Bonheur la Chance turned up, as did Jamie Turner with his cello player and his crazy rhythmic belting out songs. Thomas Stock, whose concert I attended on Friday, was also there, as was Adnane, the Moroccan with the voce of Paul Simon/Bob Marley/andsomanyothers including himself. Brislee Adams showed up too and did a great rendition of … how many songs? And Maddie Speed went mad with her own stuff and covers – particularly liked the Pere Lachaise one again.

All the earliest regulars were also there, like Eithne and Paul and, of course, Henry. As to me, well, my first set I had to show Maddie and her friends that I was indeed capable of “What’s Up!” after that catastrophe at the Cavern last week. It turned out to be the high point of my evening’s songs – oh, maybe Borderline was pretty good too. And maybe “Unchained Melody.” Hard to tell….

What is not hard to tell is that I will return next week, and the week after, and …. oh, the management at Coolin is also enjoying this thing and taking it seriously, having invested in a second mic and other material. So it is a growing affair….

Oh, by the way, I don’t think I got the greatest videos of the best moments that I might have got … had I not been so involved and having fun myself…. But these will give a small taste of the big atmosphere.

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