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Another Night at the Mazet Before the Final Dash off to Shanghai

April 6, 2012

Back to the Mazet open mic last night, that famous bar where Jim Morrison was last seen nursing his last glass of wine before dying in his bathtub down the street. Well, I played my guts out and sweated myself almost to the grave – but wasn’t so sure I reached anyone. I enjoyed some of the other acts, though, with several new people showing up; and few of the regulars.

Just whipping this off as fast as possible before heading out to a once-per-month Paris open mic that has an early start and an early finish. Then, next Tuesday I fly off to Shanghai, as I finally got my visa today after weeks of intensive work trying to get the bureaucratic stars to line up.

So again, this will remain a minimal post, with a few words and a few videos to back them up….

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