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A Tour of Two Open Mics in Paris Tuesday Night

May 2, 2012

Continuing on in the same theme and lifestyle of Monday night, last night I attended two Paris open mics – O.K., not the three of Monday, but still. What happened was I arrived late at the Ptit Bonheur la Chance, found my name last on the list, and decided to cut out before I played, in order to be still on time for the Baroc open mic. Still, I was on time to hear some good and interesting musicians at both places.

It was no doubt inevitable that Tuesday would be a reaction night to Monday: Most people had gone out, got drunk, celebrated too late, slept until 5 PM, and therefore did NOT go out on Tuesday night, the last of the days of the long weekend in Paris. So the Ptit Bonheur was not as full as usual, although it developed into an O.K. crowd.

So I whipped off to the Baroc in a taxi, found it to have a pretty good crowd and some musicians I had not seen before. And I was there just in time to go up after two or three other acts. I had a riot! I played some of my most pounding rhythmic songs in order to impose a different feel to the previous performer, and with the thought that maybe, perhaps, as in the past, someone might come up and play with me. And that happened – piano, another guitar and percussion. We went mad. I met people, spoke, mingled, had a great time.

What next?

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