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Quick Highlander Round-up

May 31, 2012

Time waits for no one, and things are stacking up, and today was tax day in France. So just a few words and some videos to mark my territory on a great night at the Highlander open mic last night!!! Anyway, super long posts get monotonous, no doubt….

I got to the Highlander late-ish but got to play at a reasonable time. I met up there with some old friends and new, like Salt Petal from the night before – and they were even better at the Highlander than at the Ptit Bonheur. And my bonheur was that after I played “Year of the Cat” as an opener, someone from the audience asked if I knew anything by the Righteous Brothers, so I jumped right into “Unchained Melody” instead of Cat’s in the Cradle. I finished with Borderline, just to show it to Salt Petal.

That should probably be about it. Check out the to see that it was a good night at one of Paris’s best open mics.

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