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Low Landing at High-lander

June 14, 2012

Sometimes I do not realize just how much fun I had on a trip to another world until I land back in my own again – despite loving my own world. But my trip to Montreal was obviously a lot more fun than I thought when I was there – and enjoying it – because I had a real sense of coming down to earth in Paris last night. What?!?! In Paris? Yes, well, I do live here, and I have developed certain weekly habits – and any habit can become routine.

So last night I went to the Highlander open mic feeling a little empty about everything. Fortunately there were some good and different musicians, starting with a wonderful rendition of a Bowie song by Thomas Brun, the MC. Then I decided that I would snap myself out of the sense of desolation that hit me as I realized that I was around No. 15 on the list and would not play until close to 1 AM, by deciding to use the waiting time to restring my guitar.

That was something I had planned to do for months, and never had the time for. So there I was, sitting in the open mic and waiting and losing no time, restringing my guitar. But I would pop up and record an act when I heard something good and interesting. There too, however, my trip to Canada sent me an aftershock….

I had no refill of batteries for my recording device, and a lot less power left than I thought. So I had to choose very carefully, and finally, the Zoom cut out in the middle of a cool act.

All of this made me determined NOT to do the same songs I always do, so I did my song, “Crazy Lady,” and Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love,” and Cat Stevens’s “Miles From Nowhere,” which was exactly how I felt last night – all of them.

In the end, had a good night, and felt like the man who fell to earth. Or something like that.

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