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Time to Twem: A Concert in Paris

June 30, 2012



Interesting how doing open mics you meet all sorts of performers, from complete beginners to talented amateurs, to stars, and everything in between. And what IS between? And what IS a star? I’ve had blog post items on this site about Johnny Borrell of Razorlight at open mics I have held or attended, of Dan Haggis of the Wombats, and of Sarah Manesse, who was a big star on the French X-Factor. In fact, she was not the first such television singing star of the rising generation of talent shows I met. I also over the past few months saw this great singer, one half of a duo called Twem – Samir and Mehdi Beni.

And last night, I went and saw the duo together at a concert they had at the Sentier des Halles theater in Paris. I had seen Mehdi a few times at open mics, and even sang with him once! (If you call what I did singing….) But last night was the first time I have seen the twin brother duo together in live action. These Frenchmen twin brothers have appeared on several TV talent contests, always having great success, and it is easy to see why. Most recently, they were quite a hit on The X Factor in the UK, in fact.

Last night their show at the Sentier des Halles was a nice mixture of their usual stuff, and a few tributes, along with a guest singer or two. There was a tribute to Michael Jackson, to Whitney Houston, and by the piano and guitar accompanist a tribute to Ray Charles. Oh, and a guest singer did one to Amy Winehouse too – damn, all mighty and amazing dead singers…. They also sang a song from their album-in-the-making, all of the songs of which will be in English.

It was a very entertaining show, and I enjoyed seeing French-Moroccan Twem twins in action in their environment, with a good number of their fans – one of which apparently comes from quite far to any show they do. I better not tell her about the open mics…. It was quite difficult for me to figure out who was who, as these twins really do look alike. And even more miraculous is just how incredibly similar-sounding their singing voices are. I was greatly relieved when after the show when people waited to meet them in the bar that I could recognize which was which – body language or something.

Incidentally, on piano and guitar accompaniment was none other than Vincent Lafleur, whom I have mentioned before as one of the MCs of one of the open mics I have done. Or is it two?

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  1. I would have loved to be there! they are friends of mine and they are amazing!

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