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Cambodian Space Project at the Mecanique Ondulatoire

July 13, 2012

Readers of this blog may remember a few references and videos I have made to Scott Bywater. I met Scott at the Truskel open mic a couple of months ago, and we have then crossed paths at another couple of open mics. Scott comes from Tasmania – of all places – and spent some time in Cambodia. He told me about this cool band he played with in Cambodia, and I never expected I would have the chance to see him and them in Paris. So there was no way I was going to miss the chance to go and see the Cambodian Space Project last night at the Mecanique Ondulatoire.

I was really surprised with what I found. Going through the rain with the only pair of shoes that do not take in the rain, and the umbrella made for carrying a guitar – i.e., only half of the umbrella works – I was delighted to discover this band that really made me feel like I was in Cambodia. I have never been there, but I have been in lots of other places in Asia, so it took me there, did the Cambodian Space Project.

It did not only take me there, it took a full house in the cellar of the Macanique Ondulatoire. I was amazed at how this band from Cambodia could fill up the room at a moment’s notice, and how many people in Paris could have heard of them? But the lead singer/songwriter/star, does a great job, writes so cool songs – including one that was very acid and surprised me – and in all sorts of different styles that mean you are never bored by hearing the same thing again and again – you don’t. Check out the videos.

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