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Earliest, Quickest, Thinnest Ever Report on Open Mic

July 18, 2012

I went to the Highlander a few hours ag – I’m writing this at 1:21 AM – and found I was around No. 121 on the list of performers for the evening. So I stayed and listened to a few acts and then decided “I really must be on my way,” to quote a line off a Jimi Hendrix album that appears in a song about earthlings and space aliens….

Anyway… realizing that I have to get up early tomorrow and drive to Germany for the weekend, I was certain that I would never get the videos and report up about the Highlander, and I really wanted to mark my territory on that one – even if I did not hang around to perform.

So it occurred to me to put it all up tonight before I spend the day driving tomorrow. This will, therefore, have been the earliest, quickest, Thinnest post about any open mic I have ever done…. the thing at the Highlander is most certainly still going on as I write these final words – they must be up to performer No. 110 by now….

Drop in over the next few days, and I hope to have some musical news from Germany….

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