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Early to Arrive, Earlier to Play at the Highlander – and a Neat Instrument

August 23, 2012

For the first time in a year or two or more I arrived at the Highlander in time to be one of the very first people on the list. How did I pull off this miraculous thing? Well, I had a meeting with someone else, a friend, and we decided to make a night out of the Highlander and a local Asian food emporium. And it all worked. The downside? There is not really a downside, except for right here on the blog where I discovered to my own amazement today as I sat down to write this that I had taken only TWO videos of the music last night.

The Highlander was just as bubbling full, with its usual list of maybe 17 musicians, and I actually managed to play at the real height of the evening and right after Jolly Roger the mad lead guitar player who does not sing. So it was prime real estate to get everyone else singing once I got up there, and I did What’s Up! and Father and Son to do just that, along with my own Borderline – which maybe a few people did the “ooooooooooo” falsetto part, but not much else.

It was shoulder to shoulder…except when I arrived and I heard some musician say: “What? Brad is here while the sun is still up?” Yes, early on the list. And it was a pleasure. As was the Asian food emporium. A night to remember at the Highlander, which unfortunately I only managed to give you witness to on two videos, both, to my shock today, of the same person – but the little finger harp was very cool. Oh, and it was also neat that the first bit turned into a jam….

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