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Que du Happiness at the Big Happiness Bar in Paris

September 5, 2012

Yes, it is called something like the little happiness bar, the Ptit Bonheur la Chance, but last night it was real big happiness at the little happiness bar. All you have to do is check out the videos I caught of the jam sessions upstairs that followed the open mic to see that this was real, bona fide, big time happiness jam shit.

I mean, this night at one of the best open mics in the city just went on from start to finish in the same happy nice way. And then when the bar closed at 2 AM, it was off to another bar in the area where we ran into numerous Bonheur people and people from other bars, including, hey, the Highlander and the Coolin – two other open mic bars I write about frequently.

It was such a great night last night at the open mic, speaking to people, playing music, listening to other people’s music, etc., that I was more satiated than usual, and have decided to keep this blog item to a minimum, pack my bags and get off to Milan tomorrow. Hoping to find music other than opera….


  1. Hi Brad !

    I’m Thomas and I’ve played a few times at Tenesse. I’ve already seen you playing there several times and that was very nice..
    I was looking on the internet about other open mikes in Paris and I found your website by chance! A friend of mine organizes open mike nights each 1st and 3rd thursday everymonth. There is one tonight and that would be great to see you there ! The bar is called “La kolok”. You can find it on facebook ( La kolok paris ). It’s “rue du croissant” in Paris. The closest subway stations are “Bourse” and “Grands Boulevards”.

    Hope to see you there !

    • Thanks a million for this information. I am in Italy since yesterday, but I will definitely drop by to the open mic on a first or third Thursday! It’s great to discover new open mics in Paris. Thanks again.

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