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All Blogged Down, But Resurfacing

September 11, 2012

Where did all the time go? Four days in Milan and only one place to play – and a daily blog update habit falls all to pieces. Then, hey, I get back to Paris – overjoyed at no longer being in the musically dead city of Milan – and I go out to one of my favorite open mics and… still find myself all backed up, bogged down, and out of time to do a real and decent blog item. Just completely Blogged out.

So I am going to let the videos do the talking for the great Coolin open mic last night. Because I have to rush out to another great open mic now tonight. Actually, there was a little bit of an excuse: Problems with multicam dropped frames on my documentary – which I have now solved – and a bit of a problem with having to do office work on my day off, today.

So just take a look at the Coolin open mic videos from last night. It was a vintage night. August is truly behind us.

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