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From Cooling at Coolin in Paris to Sweating it Out at Actors’ in Singapore

September 20, 2012

I could not get a post down on the blog yesterday or the day before as I was in transit, travelling from Paris to Singapore. But I did go to the Coolin open mic on Monday in Paris, and it was much cooler than the previous time – or the time before – when I went after I had sweated insanely at the Tennessee beforehand. Of course, in terms of sweating, nothing can quite beat coming to play in Singapore, where the humidity is so often around 70 percent.

Last night, nevertheless, I sweated a little less than usual as I made my way to the Actors’ jamming bar and stepped into the new environment of the redecorated Actors’ bar and its air conditioning. The place was pretty dead, truth be told. But I was just as happy with that, as I had been travelling for something like 21 hours – via Dubai – and needed a nice calm night.

I got to play with a guy on bass, another on drums and one on bongos. Because Actors’ bar is a very cool jamming joint in Singapore where you can go in anytime and take to the stage and play. Since it was so quiet last night, I decided to take the time to do one little panoramic video of the place just to give a better idea of what it is like. Check it out – in the first video, above.

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