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Back to Paris Part II: Bonheur à la Chance

December 5, 2012

This will be even shorter than yesterday’s post, time problems being the reason. But I did want to report that the open mic at the Ptit Bonheur la Chance once again delivered on its promise last night. Well, almost, and with a little help from whatever…. I got there just before 10 PM and that put me last on the list. But at least I was on the list. In the end, I played an acoustic set, no amp, no mic, and just laid into the thing with my Gibson, singing stuff that the five remaining spectators – from about 50 at the peak – could sing along to and clap along to. I was really in a state of “bonheur,” quel chance.

But then, the rest of the evening turned into some really cool jamming in the basement room and then some jamming in the ground floor room, and some neat meetings and conversations, and all together, in the end, it was a full and fun night. Bonheur.

So here are a few of the videos – including with one of the coolest meetings being with the lap slide player Tom Laroye with his amazing 1927 Weissenborn lap slide made of loa wood in the same shape as the ubiquitous Hawaiian guitars of the time, his having been built by a German named Weissenborn living in Los Angeles at that time….

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