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January 22, 2013

Is the definition of a great night out that you have no energy – or even any day – left the following day? That is how I might define last night. I decided to eat out at the great pizzeria across the street from the Coolin in order to get my name on the list at the Coolin open mic. It turned out that the list was not very long, as a lot of Paris musicians seemed to have taken a break from the Paris cold. So I got early enough on the list to go out and eat a great pizza parma and then return to play my songs and then continue onwards to the Galway for the open mic there.

I heard some nice stuff there, got to play my songs, and listen to and watch Thomas Brun run the open mic for the second week in a row – replacing Romain of All the Roads, who is temporarily away – and then I met some friends at the Galway and went out for another drink with them before returning to their apartment and playing music until 7:30 AM.

Oh yes, that was it. Tried to take a taxi back home at that time only to find the driver a completely different bird in the morning than at night time, doing nothing but complaining about all the traffic, all the trucks, all the troubles I was causing him and all the extra time I would have spend in his taxi because of the traffic. Wait, yes, it WAS getting on for 8 AM and that meant trouble for me. So I got off at Chatelet and took the metro home….

This is a web log, remember….

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