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A Night Not Like the Others at the Lizard Lounge in Paris

February 4, 2013

The Lizard Lounge open mic happens once a month, on the first Sunday of every month, and it has survived for years because it is a great, and different open mic. A drum set, enough of a sound system for several guitars, bass, and last night violin with a couple of different performers. I had an excellent time – even if I made a fool out of myself.

I had seen a great documentary on Louis Armstrong the night before and I envied how he was able to sing all these songs with a smile in his voice and on his face. Most of my songs tend to be sad, down, and even if sometimes optimistic, the emotion is often low. So last night after I did my three songs – including a new one I have not finished and never should have tried – I did my Louis Armstrong, “Hello Dolly” imitation. Oh man, it sounded so much better at home!!!! I will blame the amplification.

But it was a fun night, and I think I learned something about my new song in the making – but I’m not sure what.

Also heard some good stuff, and listened to Brislee Adams do his great Neil Young song and dedicate it to THIS old man….

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